Throughout the Hampton Roads area, on military bases, government facilities, and on public and commercial properties of all types, you’ll find buildings, vehicles and people firmly supported by the site work, underground utilities and infrastructure development provided by Hudgins Contracting Corp.

Municipalities / Government Bases

Rock Landing Road Improvements, Newport News VA

P837 GSA/C40 Hangar, NAS Oceana Virginia Beach VA

Langley AFB Lasalle Gate, Hampton VA

Langley AFB Lasalle Gate
Hampton VA

Commercial Development

AAA Service Center, Williamsburg VA

Keller America, Newport News VA

Concourse B at Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport, Newport News VA

Concourse B
Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport
Newport News VA

Residential Development

Heritage at Settler’s Landing, Hampton VA

Port Warwick Infrastructure, Newport News VA

Port Warwick Infrastructure
Newport News VA

Churches and Schools

Hampton Roads Academy Phase 1 and 2, Newport News VA

CNU Luter School of Business, Newport News VA

William & Mary Fraternity Housing, Williamsburg VA

CNU Luter School of Business
Newport News VA

Medical Facilities / Hospitals

Riverside Regional Medical Center Dining Renovations, Newport News VA

CHKD Entrance, Norfolk VA

MD Express, Gloucester VA

CHKD Entrance
Norfolk VA